Nepal - Mt Everest
Nepal - Mt Everest
Nepal - Mt Everest
Nepal - Mt Everest
Nepal - Mt Everest
Nepal - Mt Everest
Nepal - Mt Everest

Nepal - Mt Everest


Coffee beans 250 g : From Nepal, grown on the slopes of the Himalayas.



This coffee is grown on the Himalayan mountainside, a region well known for growing tea. 

Although it is true that the coffee cultivation project was initiated for several reasons:

  • To participate in the agro-export business in Nepal. 
  • To create jobs for the very backward farmers in the plantation area with emphasis on giving priority to women.
  • To promote ORGANIC agriculture. 
  • Encourage reforestation and soil conservation.
  • Support a small elementary school in the local village. 

The plantation is irrigated through the cool snowy waters of Mount Ganesh Hima, which is a Himalayan mountain range located mainly in north central Nepal, although some peaks are located on the border with Tibet. The range is located about 70 km north-northwest of Kathmandu.

It is located at 500 m SNM. Due to the proximity to the high snow-capped mountains, going higher would put us in a high frost area where plants would not survive.

The coffee is 100% hand washed and sun dried. 

  • Tasting Notes: This coffee has flavors of milk chocolate and cocoa nibs. 
  • Natural Roast: Medium
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 500 m

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Coffee beans
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