Barista Set - Coffee Syrups
Barista Set - Coffee Syrups
Barista Set - Coffee Syrups
Barista Set - Coffee Syrups

Barista Set - Coffee Syrups


4 bottles x 5cl | Caramel, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Vanilla Syrup.

Syrup Drops: The Perfect Touch for your Coffee.


The Coffee Syrup Barista Set is the perfect solution for those who want to become an expert barista from the comfort of their home. This exclusive set includes four bottles of syrup, each with a unique and delicious flavor to enhance your coffee experience.

Set Contents:

5 cl Vanilla Syrup: A smooth and sweet explosion that perfectly complements any coffee.

5 cl Caramel Syrup: A touch of caramelized sweetness that elevates the flavor of your beverage.

5 cl Cinnamon Syrup: A warm and spicy aroma that adds a touch of warmth to your coffee.

5 cl Chocolate Syrup: An indulgent dose of chocolate for cocoa lovers.

Each bottle contains 5 cl of syrup, the perfect amount for a standard cup of coffee.

Single-dose: Ideal for maintaining freshness and facilitating accurate dosing.

Suitable for vegans: Lactose and gluten free, suitable for a variety of diets.

These Caramel, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Chocolate Coffee Syrups are not only great for coffee, they are also perfect for baking, ice cream and more.

Suitable for home use as well as for bars, restaurants and hotels.

With the Coffee Syrup Barista Set, every cup becomes an unforgettable taste journey - discover the pleasure of being your own barista and experience a new dimension of coffee!

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