During our quality-controls we check flavor, original aroma, its behavior in the cup and the percentage of defects.

First, we weigh a small quantity and pass it through a sieve where the grains are separated according to their size and this gives us the % of faults.


In CAFÉS GRANELL we carry out 2 types of cupping:


We roast a small sample of coffee, using a turbo convection system, so as to verify the quality when making an espresso. The toasted beans are ground to a precise and measured point. This process is essential to obtain a good cup.

The cream of the coffee appears magically.


With two traditional stoves we toast samples of grains using a more traditional method, where a flame warms the toasting chamber directly. in this case the grains are less toasted so that we are able to check the characteristics of the coffee.

We grind the coffee with a traditional system which gives a thicker grind.We weigh 8gr of coffee and serve it with hot water and our technical team analyzes the servings.

Our technical team check the flavor, color and aroma of the coffee, which will soon be in your cafeteria or home.


At our facilities, taht are over 10.000 square meters the best beans are processed and stored.

Our factory receives, from the main coffee producing countries in the world, the fruit of a meticulous process of coffee production.

After unsealing the container, which guarantees the original quality, we proceed to take a sample in order to undertake our own quality control.

The bags are then unloaded, weighed, and stored according to their origin in our facilities.


Our Master Coffee Roaster orders automatically the transfer of the coffee beans in order to start the roasting process.

The beans are taken to a storage area where they are kept until the roasting process begins.

The combination of time, heat and experience come together to create a pure roasted coffee. Another roasting system is known as torrefacto.

Torrefacto coffee is obtained by adding sugar during the last stage of the roasting process.


The high point of the process is the blending.

Mixing is the moment when coffee gets its own name, the right combination of the best coffees selected by the coffee master, resulting in the character of the Granell brand.

Both packaging and production process are computerized and automatized in order to be able to give an accurate traceability.

The packs are weighed and sealed under the strictest of quality controls and fitted with an aroma valve so that the coffee conserves all its qualities up to the point of consumption.

Our advanced airtight package system allows us to pack great amounts even for private labels.


Day after day, we roast, pack and distribute our coffee along the Mediterranean Coast, from Tarragona to Cadiz, through Córdoba, Granada, Murcia, Almería, Castellón, Alicante and Valencia.

We also export to more than 20 countries like China, Poland, Germany, Greece, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Jordan etc.

Since 1940, we have combined dreams, experience and tenacity to create a company prepared to face the challenges of this new millennium, always framed by our values of quality and business integrity.

Every day we combine our technical and human resources, so that anywhere in the world our customers may enjoy the real and unique taste of a good cup of Granell Coffee.


Our advanced packaging system allows us to package large quantities even with a white label.

Cafes Granell has a comprehensive service of product customization.

- Creation of a logo for your brand.

- Integral design of the packaging.

- Advice from our technicians in obtaining a product mix according to your needs.


We have an integrated system of Quality Control and Environmental management in line with international procedures ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and IFS.

We are also Halal (HIN02291018) , Organic (CV3967 E) and UTZ ( UTZ_CF1000002101) certified and have also FDA certification for USA market.

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