Moccamaster Select - Black
Moccamaster Select - Black
Moccamaster Select - Black

Moccamaster Select - Black



Black Moccamaster Coffee Maker


Discover the Moccamaster Select - Black

A reinvented version of the iconic KBG. With a capacity for 10 cups (1.25 L), this coffee maker offers functionality and design in equal parts. Add elegance to your kitchen with the Moccamaster Select Coffee Maker in Black. Choose from its innovative design and colors that suit your style, without sacrificing functionality.

Experience the best extraction with an ideal temperature between 92° and 96°. The outlet arm with 9 holes ensures a perfect water distribution, highlighting aromas and flavors of Granell Coffee.

The Moccamaster Select offers the perfect extraction time: 5.5 minutes. This precise approach reveals the deepest flavors, avoiding bitterness in every cup.

Innovation KBG, Better Coffee, New Functionality.

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