Pack "The World in Your Cup":...
Pack "The World in Your Cup":...
Pack "The World in Your Cup":...
Pack "The World in Your Cup":...

Pack "The World in Your Cup": Colombia, India and Brazil


GRAIN : 5 x 250 g

Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, India & Brazil.

Natural Roast - 100% Arabica


Discover the fascinating "The World in Your Cup Pack", a unique coffee bean experience.


1 Ud x 250 g India: smooth and not too acidic coffee, exotic full-bodied flavor and good aroma. 100% Arabica. 100% Natural Roast. 

1 pc x 250 g Brazil: Fine coffee with a balanced body. 100% Arabica. 100% Natural Roast.

1 Ud x 250 g Colombia: This coffee is par excellence a mild coffee: it has a soft perfume, fruity flavor and slight acidity. 100% Arabica. 100% Natural Roast.

1 Ud x 250 g Costa Rica: Coffee with a medium strong aroma and unique flavor. 100% Arabica. Citrus touches and a sublime sweetness in each sip. 100% Arabica. 100% Natural Roast.

1 Unit x 250 g Guatemala: Discover the captivating floral fragrance of our Guatemalan coffee. With a medium intensity, this coffee bean offers a smooth and pleasant flavor. 100% Arabica. 100% Natural Roast.

Net weight: 250 g x 5 pcs: 1250 g

This exclusive pack presents a careful selection of five different origins: India, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Immerse yourself in the subtle and vibrant nuances of Colombian coffee, with its perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. Let yourself be captivated by the intriguing subtlety and stimulating intensity of Indian coffee, with its exotic body and enveloping aroma. And finally, delight your palate with the smoothness and refined flavors of Brazilian coffee, known for its balanced profile and special fragrance.

Our coffee beans are 100% natural roasted and elaborated with 100% Arabica beans, guaranteeing an exceptional quality in every cup. Get ready to explore the flavors of the world from the comfort of your cup!

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Coffee beans
Costa Rica
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