Full Tasting Experience: 7 Premium...

Full Tasting Experience: 7 Premium Varieties


Whole Bean Coffee | 250 g x 7 packs


Discover the Diversity of Premium Coffee in One Pack

Get ready for an unparalleled coffee experience with our exclusive Tasting Pack.

Unique Flavors and Aromas in Each Variety

  • Gran Luxe: Begin your journey with 'Gran Luxe,' a jewel among Arabica coffees that captivates with its intense aroma, fruity flavor, and balanced body.
  • Brasil: Continue your exploration with 'Brasil,' known for its finesse and balance, being 100% Arabica and roasted entirely naturally.
  • Colombia: Recognized for its exceptional smoothness, mild perfume, fruity taste, and light acidity, a delight for lovers of mild coffee.
  • Natural: A careful selection of robust varieties offering a coffee with character and robustness.
  • Gran Selección: Our Signature Blend: A Coffee that Leaves an Impression on Your Palate. Our signature blend, 'Gran Selección,' combines natural and washed Arabica coffees from Central America, South America, and Asia. This coffee captivates with its acidity tempered by hints of nuts and spices, leaving a persistent and pleasant taste.
  • Selección: A perfect blend of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta, offering a balanced coffee in both intensity and body, ideal for enjoying with milk and savoring its full flavor.
  • India: For a truly intriguing experience, immerse yourself in our pure Indian origin. This coffee from India is smooth and not too acidic, with an exotic body and a charming aroma.

Each variety is presented in a quantity of 250 g, and in total, this premium set brings together 1.25 kg of unmatched quality coffee.

Product Details

In grain
Blend Arabica y Robusta
Notas de cata

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