Fruity Coffee Pack
Fruity Coffee Pack
Fruity Coffee Pack
Fruity Coffee Pack
Fruity Coffee Pack

Fruity Coffee Pack

2435/ 2436

Coffee beans 250 g x 2 pcs

Natural Roast : 100% Arabica


For those who are looking for coffees with fruity notes.

This pack includes

Coffee beans 250g. Origin Colombia. Caldas Region. La Palmera Farm

Coffee beans 250g : Origin Burundi. Kayanza Region. Kibingo Washing Station Farm

Discover the exquisite taste of fruity coffee with our tasting pack!

It includes two of the best varieties of coffee beans: Colombian and Burundi, both recognized for their delicious fruity flavor.

Colombian coffee has a smooth and sweet flavor, with notes of citrus and berries. While Burundi coffee, cultivated in the central region of Africa, has a more intense and complex flavor with notes of tropical fruits. Both are a unique experience for lovers of fruity coffee. Our coffee beans are carefully selected from the best farms and roasted in small quantities to ensure that the flavor and freshness are unparalleled.

So, if you are looking for the best coffee beans with fruity flavors, our tasting pack is the perfect choice for you. Don't miss the opportunity to try these two varieties of high quality fruity coffees. Buy our tasting pack with fruity notes today and discover why these are some of the best coffee beans on the market!

Product Details

Coffee beans
Tasting Notes

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