Coffee Bean Pack Ideal for Cold Coffee
Coffee Bean Pack Ideal for Cold Coffee
Coffee Bean Pack Ideal for Cold Coffee
Coffee Bean Pack Ideal for Cold Coffee

Coffee Bean Pack Ideal for Cold Coffee


Coffee Bean Pack to prepare Cold Coffee - Enjoy Summer with Our Most Refreshing Flavors.


At Cafés Granell, we present our exclusive whole bean coffee pack specially designed for making cold brew coffee.

This pack includes three varieties: Gran Luxe, Spanish Summer, and Rwanda Nova. Each of these options will provide you with a refreshing experience featuring intense and delicious flavors.

Gran Luxe: Luxury for Discerning Palates

- Composed of the finest carefully selected Arabica coffee beans.

- Fruity notes and a balanced body that will surprise you from the first sip.

- This Arabica whole bean coffee is perfect for brewing a cup of freshly made coffee. It's also ideal for preparing cold brew coffee.

Spanish Summer: The Refreshing Taste of Summer

- Weight: 200 g

- Tasting Notes: Citrus aromas, vanilla, and chocolate

- Ideal Brewing Method: Iced Coffee

Spanish Summer is the perfect choice if you want to make the ideal iced coffee. This 100% Arabica coffee from the Mediterranean blends range will transport you to the orange and lemon fields of the Mediterranean coast. Its citrus, vanilla, and chocolate notes combine for a unique and refreshing flavor experience.

Rwanda Nova: Fruity with Hints of Dark Chocolate

- Weight: 250 g

- Origin: Rwanda, Gicumbi District, Northern Province

- Tasting Notes: Fruity cup with herbal and dark chocolate notes

- Roast: Medium - Variety: Red Bourbon

- Process: Washed - Altitude: 1450 - 1500 m

Rwanda Nova is an intriguing choice for those seeking whole bean coffee with surprising flavors. This African-origin coffee offers a fruity cup with herbal notes and hints of dark chocolate. Its medium roast highlights its unique characteristics, while the Red Bourbon variety and the washed process contribute to its distinctive flavor profile. Ideal for preparing iced coffee.

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