Pack with Customizable Cup, Lid, and...

Pack with Customizable Cup, Lid, and Filter

TE15 + TZ59 + EN521

BULK | Cup with Lid and Filter + Choose your Infusion Can:


You can choose from different bulk infusions available at Granell:

  1. Relaxation Bulk Infusion - RELAX: Relaxing properties. Perfect for moments of calm. Ideal for consumption before bedtime. Ingredients: Lime blossom (34%), lemon balm, peppermint, lemon verbena, rose petals, orange blossom. Bulk presentation with light brown cup..
  2. ROOIBOS with Cinnamon & Orange: EU certified, distinctive quality, and easy preparation. Ingredients: Rooibos (90%), cinnamon (5%), orange peel (4%), orange blossom (1%), aroma. Offers antioxidants that benefit cardiovascular and digestive health, promoting restful sleep. Bulk presentation with orange cup.
  3. PEPPERMINT: Refreshing blend of mint and peppermint for a pleasant taste. Digestive and refreshing benefits. Ingredients: Mint (80%), peppermint (20%). Bulk presentation with green cup.
  4. CHAMOMILE: Chamomile Bulk Infusion - Digestive and Comforting: High-quality to aid digestion and relieve discomfort. Originating from Egypt, with therapeutic properties. Originating from Egypt, with therapeutic properties. Bulk presentation with yellow cup.

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