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Chamomile and Infusion Cup Set
Chamomile and Infusion Cup Set
Chamomile and Infusion Cup Set

Chamomile and Infusion Cup Set

EN521 + TE54 + TZ57

IN PYRAMIDS | Yellow Flower Design Cup Pack + 25 Chamomile Tea Bags.


Chamomile + Cup Pack: Digestive Pyramid Infusion

Enjoy a soothing infusion and a complete experience

The Chamomile + Cup Pack offers the perfect combination to enjoy a chamomile infusion that aids difficult digestions and a quality cup. Each pyramid tea bag contains blooming chamomile, known for its digestive properties and intense, deep flavor. Get ready to savor moments of relaxation and well-being.

Chamomile Infusion in Pyramid for Healthy Digestion

Our chamomile infusion in pyramid is the perfect ally to care for your digestive system. Its beneficial properties help alleviate difficult digestions and facilitate the expulsion of gas. Enjoy its intense infusion and deep flavor, providing a comforting sensation with every sip. Enhance your well-being with this unique infusion!

Complete your experience with the infusion cup

Includes a designed cup with a lid and filter. Get this pack at Cafés Granell and enjoy a digestive infusion and a complete experience.

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