Our long experience in the coffee business has allowed us to be able to select speciality coffees microlots.

These coffees are grown on family farms in an artisanal way, where every small detail counts. Collection is handmade when the fruit is 100% mature. As family and small farmers they care a lot not only for the health of the farm and the plants, maintaining a sustainable crop, but also for the worker´s well-being.

The collectors know their work well and are aware of the high quality standards required for the coffee to be recognized as Specialty coffee. 




We consider that the delicacy of these coffees requires a smaller scale roasting, this is why we roast them at our studio, where we follow a completely artisan process.

Our master roasters (Ramón and Nuria) roast the coffee beans at its right point so that we can appreciate all the aromas in the final cup.

This process is one of the most important, hence their experience is reflected in each package. Ramón has been roasting his whole life and Nuria has been with him over 20 years. 

The packaging, like the entire process, is completely manual. Products are labeled and filled one by one.

Culminating like this an artisanal process that goes from cultivation to packaging. 

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