Moccamaster Cup One - White
Moccamaster Cup One - White

Moccamaster Cup One - White


1-2 CUPS | Moccamaster Coffee Maker


The Moccamaster Cup One in white is the perfect choice for those seeking the unique experience of enjoying 1 to 2 cups of exceptional coffee. This moccamaster one cup machine, carefully crafted and tested in the Netherlands, reflects the craftsmanship and quality that characterize Moccamaster.

Perfect Extraction:

  • Ideal water temperature between 92° and 96° to highlight coffee aromas.
  • 9-hole outlet arm ensures even water dispersion on the grounds.

Precision in Extraction Time:

  • Provides the optimal 4-minute extraction time to reveal the coffee's deepest flavors.
  • Avoids bitterness by maintaining the extraction time between 4 and 8 minutes.

Temperature Adjustment:

  • Smart heating plate adjusts the temperature of your moccamaster one cup according to the amount of coffee in the carafe to prevent scalding.

Design for One or Two:

  • Designed to brew a single cup of coffee or two, ideal for solo or couple enjoyment.


  • Box of 80 Moccamaster One Cup N°1 Filters: FSC certified, ecologically bleached, and environmentally friendly. Improve extraction quality and preserve the original flavors of coffee.
  • 1 Porcelain Cup: Perfect for enhancing the presentation of your favorite coffee with the Moccamaster Cup One.
  • Warranty: 5 years of warranty backing the durability and quality of your Moccamaster Cup One.

Discover the pleasure of brewing and enjoying Granell coffee with the Moccamaster Cup One in white. Make each cup an unparalleled experience!

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