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Daily Blend orgánico 250 g


Blend of Arabica and robust organic coffees with pronounced acidity as well as body. 50% arabica 50% Robusta.

Kopi Luwak 100 g


The world's most expensive coffee. 100% arabica.

Mediterráneo 200 gr


Soft and balanced. The daily coffee inspired by the Mediterranean breeze. 100% Arabica.

Valencia 200 g


Soft and citrus A friendly coffee that keeps the breeze of the orange trees. 100% Arabica.

Siesta 200 gr


Take the day calmly. Relax, breathe, enjoy the silence. 100% Arabica.

Spanish Summer 200 gr


Perfect for iced coffee. Prepared to keep the coffee flavor even when adding ice, ideal for warm summer days. 100% Arabica.


India 250/500 gr


Coffee with a woody flavor that gives us a cup of creamy body. 100% Arabica.