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Coffee beans | Costa Rica Coffee beans, from the Cirrí, Naranjo region. In the Western Valley. Microlot of La Planada Herbazú.

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Finca La Planada: 1550 to 1600 masl. It is located in Lourdes de Naranjo, Alajuela. They are 33.6 hectares. distributed among 12 siblings in equal micro-lots, also being the third generation.
It is collected with 100% mature coffee beans. As family and small farmers, they are very concerned not only for the health of the farm and the plants, maintaining a sustainable crop, but also for the well-being of their workers who earn 50% more than the legally stipulated salary in Costa Rica for the coffee picking.
The harvesting team belongs to the family and they know well their work and the necessary quality required for the coffee to be recognized for its quality.
The Honey drying process is the same as the wet process except that the mucilage is not removed, but rather that the coffee is dried with this substance.
It does not mean that honey is added to the process, but that when it is covered by mucilage it is sticky like honey.

Notas de cata: Apricot aroma with high intensity. Citric and sweet vanilla flavor. Notes to jasmine.

Tueste: Medium roast

Proceso: Honey

Altitud: 1500 m


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Coffee beans |   Costa Rica coffee beans, from the Cirrí,...
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